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Thesis in 3d cadastre -

The development of 3D cadastral survey systems is the subject of a substantial body of. international research and discussion. Despite this, no country in the world has successfully. implemented a fully functioning 3D digital cadastral survey system.

3D Cadastre Implementation issues in Australia

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18:00 Kebar:
The development of a 3D specific database and the corresponding validation rules in the future will assist in the full implementation of 3D cadastre in Queensland and other jurisdictions. A better understanding of these issues will assist in the identification of areas where future efforts should be focussed.

11:47 Kazikus:
The aim of this Plainsong essays is to investigate the institutional and technical issues and characteristics of 3D cadastre developments across Australia and Queensland in particular, to improve the ongoing implementation and developments across jurisdictions. The operational arrangements to support survey plan theses in Queensland were also found to be adequate and could be extended to a cadastre 3D cadastral implementation in the future.