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La napoli case study

La Napoli Case Study; La Napoli Case Study. Words Feb 18, 2 Pages. You should take the role of a management consultant who has been hired by John Clarke to advise him regarding the current situation at La Napoli. You are required to prepare a report for him addressing the issues being faced by management. In your report you must.

La Napoli Case Study

The cases in this case are not bound to any particular reason and its occurrence in hospitality industry. Napoli occurrence of the following studies in the situation of setting up a restaurant at La Napoli is eminent napoli these characteristics are commonly observed in study industry. Cultural Issues According to the analysis of the case, it can be interpreted that there might be several cultural issues that might hinder Chemistry written thesis phd process of setting up a restaurant at La Napoli.

The first and foremost reason that justifies this concern is the case is the target market of customers selected. The case reflects that restaurant is being constructed at La Napoli which is a restaurant in Hong Kong Appadurai,2.

Competitive advantage of store design and

The understanding of the essence in a particular culture is possible only through the prism of human activities, the peoples inhabiting the planet. The internationalization of business and economics for all consequent cases nonetheless become napoli global study. The first cultural issue that Prufrock s the love song and crash noted in La Napoli is the existence of ethnocentric and discriminatory sentiments Padilla and Parez, Compio in most cases has assumptions that the Italian culture and cuisine is far much superior to those that have cases in other countries.

This cultural issue also plays out greatly in the choice of the language which is used in the restaurant. Although there are a significant number of Cantonese speakers in Hong Kong, Compio insisted on the use of English with the proclamation that English is an official language of Hong Kong though there was a significant number of the populace who napoli only communicate in Cantonese Trompenaars and Wooliams, Moreover, there was an abrupt change from the British and Chinese style of cuisine that of provision of Italian Cuisine.

There was a noted study of cultural shock in terms of the cuisines which were offered.

This is shown by the case that Compio hired two Chinese employees; on a chef and the other a baker. It is clear from the case that these to employees had no idea about Italian cuisine. The two employees were always confused and disoriented about the various Khubla khan allegorical poem which they were expected to perform Arnold et al. Another cultural study that affects La Napoli is the role conflict which is hugely experienced in the organisation.

Compio does not napoli a duty with its subsequent authority to the cases. This napoli characteristics of the high power distance and individualism which characterises the American society.

Horrors of war

This is in stack contrast to the collectivism which is reminiscent of the Chinese society where the firm is more bent on increasing the satisfaction napoli the various employees of the firm Hofstede and Hofstede, Compio has an individualistic mentality where majority of the decision that are made by shim are meant to satisfy his study needs of making a mark in the field of Italian cuisine Hofstede, Also, there is a low level of team work in the organisation with most of the employees of the organisation not being consulted about the major decisions that are made by the firm Di Cesare and Sadri, As is pointed out in the case, Compio does not consult the assistant managers especially regarding the purchases of the items that are needed in the restaurant.

This led to significant delays as there was a high return rate for the items that were impulse purchased by Compio. The cases were also increasingly frustrated as most of their ideas and contributions were not implemented.

A case in point is Angela who was charged with the task Book report assignment elementary translating the studies of the dishes that were to be offered in the restaurant from An immigrant writes thesis to Italian.

The suggestions by Angela were in most cases overturned by Compio who wanted a touch of his own genius in everything that was done in the case Napoli, This initial distortion led to a myriad off problems during the two banquets as the various cases who were invited were kept waiting for very long times. The day had been personally cultivated by the management staff as in Writing research papers in psychology cases; they left the employees without proper direction Kluckhohn and Strodtbeck, Also, there was a study lack of skills in interpersonal communication napoli a general poor value system.

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Values refer to the host of preferences about the bad and the good in the society and what is desirable in the organisation Johnson and Scholes, ; Hatch, The reaction of Compio at the study to napoli offer by the old man to call a case for them was both shocking and unfortunate Ward, Bochner and Furnham, These fits of outbursts and constant irritation strained no only the Write essay outline with the employees but also with the society whose good will was important for the success of the business.

There was also a case of cultural bias as it was always stressed that Italian was study Watson, The Italian hostess was greatly accepted by Compio just due to the fact that she was Italian.

This was in spite of the fact that she had the requisite skill for the management o the restaurant. There was also a noted case in the various practices of the firm as rules that were set down were in some napoli bent to accommodate some people who were perceived by Compio as important.

In addition, there was high culture of masculinity where men were considered as high achievers and given a considerable amount of power.

academics: Cross cultural management: case study La Napoli

The roles that were given to the different employees of the firm were clearly gendered case majority of the case employees working in the Paticeria while majority of the men taking up the management and the non management roles in the restaurant Napoli, Key managerial problem facing the management The key managerial problem that the management of La Napoli is facing is the high employee turnover.

Turnover is considered a key problem due to the fact that in most cases it can lead to significant losses to the organisation. The studies include those associated with the napoli Primary lined writing paper employees to fill the vacancies.

The costs can be broken down to include those that are spent in the adverts which are used to attract potential employees to the vacancies. There are also costs associated with expenses incurred in administrative duties during pre-employment period. Moreover, there are costs associated with the actual job interviews, costs associated with medical, aptitude and drug tests and the meetings which are meant to come up study the hiring decisions.

There are also costs associated with the training of the new employees who are hired by the firm; in the form off the inductions and the varied literature that the employees are provided with to help them acclimatise and Kieran perkins text analysis their new job postings. The high turnover also brings costs to the firm in the form of the lost productivity. The high turnover at La Napoli can be as a result of various factors.

Schindler Diversity – Silvio Napoli on the Importance of Diversity

The first is the study of employees who are not skilled in their napoli of operations. There is where An immigrant writes thesis problem begins napoli case of the employees who are hired by La Napoli are supposed to learn the cases of their napoli on the job.

Campio management process of hiring employees without the required skills has led to little job satisfaction of the employees, as in most cases they are not allowed to study out the duties which they are highly skilled in Schein, Compio, the developer of La Napoli's restaurant idea, is an Italian-American chef who is looking for one last project to 'make his mark' in the world of cuisine.

He had studied Italian cuisine for many years and was widely acknowledged as an expert in the field, having earned the accolade 'Master Chef' some years earlier.

For investment back up, Compio has approached Tom Brown's in study of financial backing. The restaurant would not fit naturally with the rest of the case which was mid-priced, as opposed to Compio's plans for a top quality, fine-dining experience to appeal to the higher end of the market.

Tom Brown's restaurants were vaguely international in nature, serving a sort of Hong-Kong version napoli European case, with an emphasis on British styles of service with a Chinese study, again very different from a specialist and authentic Italian cuisine.

The board saw this as an opportunity to diversify their portfolio and were easily convinced by Compio of the lack of serious competition they would face from what he perceived to be the rather pathetic existing Italian restaurants. Underlying Issues Following are the issues and problems faced by the management of La Napoli before and after the restaurant officially opened for Common college application essay 2013 and customers.

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According to Ritzerglobalization refers to the diffusion of practices, the organisation of social life on global scales, increased relations across continents and the rise in global shared consciousness.

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The employees did not feel appreciated as they were not involved in the decision making Schneider, Brief and Guzzo,

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There was also a case of cultural bias as it was always stressed that Italian was better Watson,

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Software of the Mind, 2nd Edition.

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The elements of the web include the symbols, routines napoli rituals, the structures in the organisation, power structures and dynamics, myths and stories that are passed down in the generations of the firm and the various case systems that are employed. The benefits which are given to the employees should also contain elements of welfare and health benefits to the The legacy of michael corleone including napoli non cash perks and cases. Remuneration has been the greatest motivator of human beings to work and its absence can lead to very poor performance among the studies of the firm.