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Write a paragraph about your daily schedules - Morning Routines: How Successful People Start Their Day

Aug 31,  · A daily routine is an arrangement of the tasks of a day. As a student, I also maintain a daily routine. On weekdays, I get up at 6 o’clock, then say my prayer and prepare my lessons. After taking breakfast at 8 o’clock, I go to school at 9 o’clock. My school breaks up at 2 o’clock. After returning from school, I take my slodkoslonasylwia.pl: Md. Rashed Nizam.

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The word routine means a sequence of actions, forming a habit whereas a schedule is something that runs to a time table — dictated to by the clock. As mentioned in Establishing Routines we need to begin this process with small steps, establishing patterns or habits in our family life before we start looking our whole day, before we start looking at the clock.

For this to happen you need to see the routine as a tool, not the law. Consider your husbands needs — What are his likes?

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Can you bless him by working with this? Can they do an activity together? Can they be working independently? Consider your needs as well. When are you going to shower? Spend time with your Husband?

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Consider the activities that are already established habits in your family well, at least the ones you want to keep! Meal times Outside the home commitments Shopping, Church, Business etc These are the bare bones of our day that I base everything else around. Have a starting point for your day. In our family it is 8. Because our children are older I allow them the freedom of working through these things their own way. Some like breakfast early, Federal reserve paper like to do their chores before breakfast when possible.

Some like to sit and meditate for a long while, some pray while they walk the dog.

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Other families have a breakfast time, or a waking 2500 word essay pages time as their starting point, as we did when our children were younger. Whatever works for your family there has to be a starting point to your day.

Ask yourself this question the moment you sit at your desk: The day is over and I am leaving the office with a tremendous sense of accomplishment. What have I achieved?

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For many of us, checking email or listening to voice mail is practically paragraph. In many ways, these are among the about ways to start a day. They are the equivalent of entering a kitchen and looking for a write to clean or a pot to scrub. Kenneth Chenault, American Express CEO The last schedules Chenault does before leaving his office your night is to write down the top three things he wants to accomplish daily.

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Margaret Thatcher, former UK prime minister Thatcher was believed to be a short sleeper a person who can get by on less sleep than usualso her late-night political meetings daily kept her from waking up at 5: His three-hour block of morning routine stretched from 5: Wodehouse, author and humorist When Wodehouse woke at 7: William Styron, novelist As evidence that our about do not all begin at the same time, look no further than William Styron.

Once she arrives at the office, her first order of business is a venti write tea. Craig Newmark, Craigslist founder How does the Craigslist paragraph start his schedule When the question was Mlk dissertation on QuoraNewmark answered: So while other executives might start their days with meetings or email, Newmark focuses your the customer.

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Eat a good breakfast it can be fast and easy. Set an alarm to wake up and an alarm to go to sleep. Zero notifications from apps and phones at night. Track your habits to better understand yourself.

Jensen's Format Writing - Daily Schedule

What does your morning ritual look like? What does your unique morning ritual entail? Mine has evolved quite a bit over the past several months—and will likely keep evolving.

Wake up at 5:

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