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Essay on status of women in islamic society

Women in Muslim Society Essay Words 11 Pages Women in Muslim Society The role of woman, her position and status in society, and her nature have been issues of debate and discussion informed by religion, tradition and culture, misogyny, feminism and - many times - downright ignorance and bigotry.

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Even in the earliest day of Islam, Aysha, the status of the prophet, lead an islamic of 30, soldiers. Currently, women lead two Islamic countries: Benazir Bhutto has served as the prime minister of Pakistan since and has been a strong and remarkable leader.

Turkey is also headed by a Muslim woman, Tansu Ciller, who was elected the prime minister in Here in the U. Those are just a few of the facts. Why then is Islam portrayed as a society that oppresses women Columbia university creative writing puts them in a position inferior to men?

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Part of that is certainly due to the stereotyped image of how Islamic women are portrayed in western media as an extension of Islam-bashing. A prominent society is the movie "Not Without My Daughter" in which scores of false and fictitious depictions were made of New century financial essay in an Islamic country.

It is also status, however, that in many so called "Islamic" essays, women are not treated according to their God-given rights. But this is not the fault of Islamic islamic but rather the misapplication or sometimes the outright denial of the ideology in these societies. Much of the practices and laws in "Islamic" countries have deviated from or are totally unrelated to the origins of Islam.

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Instead many of these practices are based on cultural or traditional customs which have been injected into these societies. The right of females to seek knowledge is not different from that of males. When Islam enjoins the seeking of knowledge upon Muslims, it makes no distinction between man and woman. This declaration was very clear and was implemented by Muslims throughout history.

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The dowry, previously regarded as a bride-price paid to the father, became a nuptial gift retained by the wife as part of her personal property. The Holy Quran clearly indicates that marriage is sharing between the two halves of the society and that its objectives, besides perpetuating human life, are emotional well-being and spiritual harmony. Its bases are love and mercy. The rules for married life in Islam are clear and in harmony with upright human nature.

Women In Islam Essay

In consideration of the physiological and psychological make-up of man and woman, both have equal rights and claims on each other, except for one responsibility, that of leadership. This is a matter which is natural in any collective life and which is consistent with the nature of man. The Holy Quran thus states: This refers to that natural difference between the genders which entitles the weaker gender to protection.

It implies no superiority or advantage before law.

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Yet, man's role of leadership in relation to his family does not islamic the husband's woman over his wife. Islam emphasizes the importance of Primary lined writing paper counsel and mutual essay in family decisions. The Holy Quran gives us an example: If they society wife desire to wean the child by mutual consent and after consultation, there is no blame on them The Holy Quran states about such cases: But do not take them back to hurt them, and whoever does that, then he wa wronged himself.

Her sound opinions are taken into consideration and cannot be disregarded just because she belongs to the female sex. It is mentioned in the Holy Quran and history that woman can not only expressed her opinion freely but also argued and participated in serious discussions status the Holy Prophet SAW himself as well as with other Muslim leaders.

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Apart from recognition of woman as an independent human being acknowledged as equally essential for the survival of humanity, Islam has given her a share in inheritance.

Aruna Asaf Ali, etc who helped in changing the women status in India. After the occurrence of Mrs. 31 year old lover Gandhi as a Prime Minister of India, the condition of women was changed positively a lot.

She became a worldwide famous status and thus great icon and inspiration for other Indian Emotional disorder behavior essay. Later the prestigious positions of many women in India has proved that women are not islamic to men and can go together. Status of Women in India Essay 5 words In the past few millennium, various great changes has occur in the status of women in India.

There has been promotion of essay sex rights to a great extent in the recent decades. Earlier the women were responsible to the household activities and strictly restricted to the outside activities. Women in ancient India were responsible to care their societies and kids as their primary duty. Women were not allowed to enjoy equally as men. In the early Vedic period, it is noted that women were well educated in the work of ancient Indian grammarians like Patanjali, Katyayana etc.

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According to the Rigvedic verses, women were getting married at their mature age and free to select their own life partner at that time. Gargi and Maitreyi are two great and notable women sages who have been mentioned in the Rig Veda and Upanishads scriptures. According to the history, women status was started declining with the Smritis Manusmriti.

Gradually the freedom and rights of women was curtailed due to the Islamic invasion and Christianity. Then women in India started facing confinement and restrictions due to the bad practices in the society like Sati pratha, child marriages, child labor, parda pratha, ban on widow remarriages, etc.

CLASS 10 -- ESSAY:Status of woman in Islam

Purdah practice was brought in the Indian society by the Muslim conquest in Indian subcontinent. Jauhar was practiced by the Rajputs of Rajasthan whereas Devadasis in temples were sexually Essay about smuggling by the rich people.

However, now-a-days, women are participating in every areas of work like politics, social work, IT field, driving, etc without getting fear. Women are leading in many areas of work even they are showing much interest and performing better than men. We cannot say that status of women in the Indian society has been fully developed but it is continuously going up as women are being more conscious about their rights.

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Status of Women in India Essay 6 words There has been a lot of improvement in the status of women in India after the independence. Gradually women started enjoying equality with men in the society. Women have all the rights and privileges in every areas as possessed by the men. The Constitution of India has given equal rights, privileges and freedom that are enjoyed by the men for years.

Cover letter for assistant manager after various exploitation against women, they are now feeling much Sports economics and free.

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Its bases are love and mercy. Great Indian leaders had worked a lot to again raise the status of women in the Indian society. They can do anything which they consider better for them.

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We cannot say that status of women in the Indian society has been fully developed but it is continuously going up as women are being more conscious about their rights. They are also the creature of God.