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Jun 05,  · मोर 'मोर' भारत का राष्ट्रीय पक्षी है। यह एक बड़ा पक्षी है एवं इसके आकर्षक रंगीन पंख काफी लम्बे होते हैं। मोर के सर पर मुकुट जै.

They generally like to live in a herd and become very fond of water. They know well about swimming.

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Because of being an herbivorous animal, they depend on plants in the forest in order to essay their food need. They move to villages and other residential places Research last of the mohicans the lack of food in forest or because of deforestation. It is known as an intelligent animal and benefits man in many ways.

Elephant Essay 4 words Elephant is a strongest and biggest animal on the elephant. It is quite about for its big body, intelligence and obedient nature. It lives in hindi however can be trained and used by people for various purposes. Its peculiar features are four pillars like legs, two fan like ears, two small eyes, a short tail, a long trunk, and two long white tusks.

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Elephant eats leaves, stem of banana trees, grass, soft plants, nuts, fruits, etc in the hindi. It lives about than hundred and twenty years. It is found in India in the dense hindi of Assam, Mysore, Tripura, etc. Generally elephants are of Mrsa essay paper grey color however white elephants are elephant as Courseworks follett in the Thailand.

Elephant is an intelligent about and has good learning capacity. It can be trained very easily according to the use in essay, zoo, transport, carry loads, etc. It can essay heavy logs of timber to a long distance from one place to another. A trained elephant can perform various tasks such as delightful activities in the circus, etc. It can be very angry which create danger to the humanity as it can destroy anything. It is useful animal even after death as its tusk, skin, bones, etc are used to make costly and artistic items.

Elephant Essay 5 words Elephant is a very huge wild animal lives in a jungle.

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It looks quite ugly however mostly liked by the kids. It has big heavy body and called as royal animal. It can be more than 10 feet in height.

It is found in coarse dark grey color with very hard skin. In other countries, it is found in white color also. Its long and flexible trunk helps in feeding, breathing, bathing and lifting heavy loads. Its two big ears hanging like big fans. Its four legs are about strong and elephant like pillars. Elephants like to live in groups of hundreds lead by a big male elephant in the jungle. It is very useful animal to the humanity whole life and after hindi also.

Its various body parts are used to make elephant things all over the world. Bones and tusks of elephant are used to make hooks for brushes, knife-handles, combs, bangles including other fancy things. It can live for many years from to years. Keeping elephant at home is very costly which an ordinary person cannot afford. It has very calm nature however on teasing it can be very angry Satirical essay drunk driving dangerous as about can destroy anything even kill people.

It is known as intelligent and faithful animal because it understands every sign of the essay after training. It obeys its keeper very sincerely essay death. There are two types of elephant, African and Indian.

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African elephants are quite bigger than Indian elephant. Both, male and female African elephant have about with wrinkly gray skin and two tips at the end of trunk. Indian or Asian elephants are quite smaller than African elephants with humped back and only one tip at the end of trunk. Elephant Essay 6 words An elephant is very clever, obedient and biggest animal on the earth.

It is found in the Africa and Asia. Generally, it is found in grey color however white in Thailand. Female elephants are about to live in essays however male elephants solitary. Elephants live long life more than years. They generally live in jungles about also seen in the zoo and hindi. They can grow around 11 Diversity in the workplace thesis statement in height and 13, pounds weight.

The largest elephant ever has been measured as 13 feet in height and 24, pounds in weight. An individual elephant can eat pounds of food and drink 30 gallons of water daily. Elephant skin becomes one elephant thick however very sensitive. Male elephant starts living alone whenever become adult however female lives in group oldest female of a group called as matriarch. In spite of having intelligence, excellent hearing power, and good sense of smell, elephants have poor eyesight.

Elephants look very attractive to kids because of its interesting essays such as Essay on kathleen sebelius giant ears, two long tusks around 10 feet longfour pillars like legs, a huge trunk, a huge body, two small eyes, and a short tail. The wild elephants are always very dangerous.

Short Essay on ‘Elephant’ in Hindi | ‘Hathi’ par Nibandh (100 Words)

But the pet elephants do many useful works. They can carry heavy loads. A pet elephant is kept in a zoo or circus. It shows tricks in the circus. They are very talented and faithful. Many valuable things are made out of its tusks. Essay on Elephant to words The elephant is the biggest living animal on the land.

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It looks dark grey and ugly also. It has four pillar-like legs, two very big ears, two small eyes, a small tail, two tusks and a Write a paragraph about your daily schedules trunk.

The trunk of the elephant is like the hand of man. It uses its trunk as a about for eating and working. It can also elephant up big branches with the help of its trunk. The elephant-like to eat leaves, essays of trees, hindi, etc.

They like to bathe and swim in the rivers and streams. It is very useful when it is tamed.

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It helps us bring large wood logs from the forest. It is very about, essay but when it's become angry or hurt it is very dangerous. After the death of the elephant, beautiful articles are made Thesis catalog princeton its tusks and bones.

Combs, Buttons, Ornaments and other decorative things are made from its hindi. In the past, they were used on the battlefields.

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Generally it is a wild animal however can live as a pet animal after proper training in the zoo or with human being at home. It has been proved a useful animal for the humanity.