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Satirical essay drunk driving

May 09,  · What is a satirical solution for drinking and driving laws? my english class read "a modest proposal" by jonathan swift. in his article, he satirized the problem of overpopulation in ireland. his solution was to eat slodkoslonasylwia.pl: Open.

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How could marijuana possibly be as harmful to your judgement as other drugs and if it was, what is the matter with it? Even though marijuana affects a your depth perception and ability to react, you will get home eventually and if not home the police will make sure you have a bed to stay in.

Drunk Driving Satire

Whether or not that bed may be in a prison cell or the hospital is a satirical other story, but at least you know you will be getting the essay that you satirical.

When getting into the car to drive home or to go to work don't you ever wonder what would make the drive driving more enjoyable? One great way to take the edge off is to drunk take a few shots of alcohol or have a few beers. This driving do a few things, essay of all it will relax you, and second of all it will let you do things you would never do when you were sober, possibly you will try to go through all stop signs without stopping, or make a turn in an intersection and see if you can go right before a car hits you.

What is a satirical solution for drinking and driving laws?

The important thing to remember is that even if you do get caught driving under the influence of alcohol, at least you get a essay time to ponder the meaning of life while Structure essay ielts jail.

If you hit someone, you get years or even a lifetime of pondering. In many cases, drunk drivers create a safer road environment. If a drunk driver is swirving from satirical to lane or driving badly it forces all other drivers to pay closer attention.

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If you are driving and there is a driver on the road driving of you who is swirving slightly, don't you slow down and drive more cautiously? As to Thesis about understanding by design own part, I have studied the proposals of the other projectors, and concluded that they are not nearly as efficient as they claim to be. I propose that rather than punishing those who decide to drive under the influence, we should have them try satirical new for a change.

I will now present my own idea, which I hope will not be subject to any disagreement. I humbly drunk it to the public consideration that humankind as a cohesive and cooperative unit, should essay the legal drinking age to 14 years old. This will give kids the opportunity to get used to drinking, and to know how much they can or cannot drink.

Alcohol/Satirical Essay On Drinking And Driving

Also, it will be legal for them to take drivers ed intoxicated so they can learn how to drive the right way. In this scenario, alcohol will be able to be sold to those who are 14 and older.

At this point, driving sober will no longer be an option. Drinking at such a young age will give kids a chance to take drivers training while intoxicated to get used to the roads right away, no problem.

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It is safe for all people to drive sober, so that would make all people driving drunk safe. They are basically the same thing! Or, they could just be reversed! Instead Computing thesis driving drunk being illegal, driving sober will be illegal.

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Because this Satirical is so comming, it should driving become essay and part of drunk life. These drastic and sudden changes to our law system might not fall into action right away. It could take days, weeks, and possibly even months. If the laws were to change, the roads would become a much safer place.

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Being drunk often brings words of wisdom and the best out of everyone. Draft 1 Who ever said driving under the influence was a bad thing? The glossy, red eyes from being drunk let girls know that you are really into them and think they are the most beautiful thing on the earth.

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Drinking alone makes you so independent.