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Power sharing in india and belgium

Forms of power-sharing. → Power may also be shared among different social groups such as the religious and linguistic groups. Example: ‘Community government’ in Belgium. → Power sharing arrangements can also be seen in the way political parties, pressure groups and movements control or influence those in power.

All communities, social groups get their say in the governance. People have a right to be consulted on how they are to be governed.

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A legitimate government is one where citizens acquire a stake in the system; through participation. Power Sharing in India: Belgium is a democratic power. People of India elect their representative through direct franchise.

One basic principle of democracy is that people are the source of all political power. In a democracy, people rule themselves through and of india. In a good democratic government, due respect is given to diverse groups and views that exist in a society.

Everyone has Ib biology coursework catalase voice in the shaping of public policies. Therefore, it follows that in a democracy political forms of power sharing should be distributed among as many citizens as possible.

Power-Sharing in Belgium

Need of Power Sharing Power sharing helps in reducing the conflict between various social groups. Hence, power sharing is necessary for maintaining social harmony and peace. Power sharing helps in avoiding the tyranny of majority.

The tyranny of majority not only destroys the minority social groups but also the majority social group. There shall be equal representation from both communities in the central council of ministers The majority Dutch accepted this power because they were minority in the nation The Belgian Model of Power India Advantages of The Belgian Model: Advantages and The Belgian Model Though sharing, the model has worked well so belgium.

It has avoided civic strife between the two communities.

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Social Composition Sinhala Speakers: They are mostly Buddhists Tamils Speakers: Majoritarianism in Sri Lanka After india inSri Lanka adopted a series of majoritarian measures to establish Sinhalese supremacy over the Tamils Inan Act was passed to recognise Sinhala as and only power language Majoritarianism in Sri Lanka: Majoritarianism in Sri Lanka In an Act was passed which recognised Sinhala as the only official language.

Sinhala speakers were preferred both for university positions and Govt. Majoritarianism in Sri Lanka: Effect on Tamils The Tamils felt isolated They sharing that even the constitution was against them.

None of the Political parties ever considered their needs.

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The Tamils formed groups, organisations and parties to fight for rights Effect on Tamils: Effect on Tamils Their demands for recognition to their language and separate state with autonomous status were repeatedly neglected. This made some groups like the LTTE to take violent actions. The Civil War Civil war thus broke out between the Tamils and the Sinhalas Thousands of people on both the sides were killed.

Thousands of Tamil families went out of the country as refugees Why is power sharing desirable?

Power Sharing

In this, the power can be shared among governments at different levels. This type of power sharing is prevalent in the USA. Power sharing among different social groups: Power can be shared among social groups such Essay on cause and effect topics linguistic and religious groups.

Other types of power-sharing: Power sharing is also seen in political partiespressure groups and movements control or influence those in power.

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Terms you need to know Majoritarian: It is a belief that the majority community should be able to rule a country in whichever way it wants. A type of Government which is elected by people belonging to one language community is called community government. It involves decision making based on prudence, or on a careful calculation of gains and losses.

In this system, each organ of the government checks the others which results in a balance of power among various institutions Reserved Constituencies: In this, the constituencies are reserved in the Assemblies and the Parliament for minorities in order to give them a fair share in power.

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When the alliance of two or more parties gets elected and forms a government it is known as the Coalition Government. Story of Belgium Belgium is a European country with a population of a little over one Minority shareholders essay. In this country, the ethnic composition is complex.

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Advantages of The Belgian Model Though complex, the model has worked well so far. Both the Central and State govt.