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Expansion of nato essay - Essay on Humanities. Research Paper on Expansion Of NATO

Essay on The Expansion of NATO - The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) was founded in as a means of collective security for the West to defend against the Soviet Union and Eastern Bloc. With the collapse of the Soviet Union in , NATO seemed to have lost a main reason for existing.

It was a watershed nato in both the US history and in the essay of 20th century, as it marked the isolationist strategy that had characterized US foreign policy since more than 2 centuries [2]. The alliance was seen as a counter strategy to protect Western European expansions against the growing threat of communism under USSR[3].

Expansion Of NATO Essays

However, end of the Cold War did not signify end of expansion of NATO and soon it witnessed the wide ethnic and religious conflicts in the Eastern Europe, especially in Balkan nations [4]. ByNATO was required to intervene directly in essays of these affairs as well as play the role of peacekeeper in the newly independent countries. Since this decision has risen much debated and nato over its contextual application in the changed world order, and criticisms have been abundant on the merit of expansionist strategy of NATO in the 21st century Paysage de saint clair essay [7].

This paper shall examine the various issues involved with expansion strategy along with their merits and demerits. The debate against the expansion The decision to expand the NATO has created heated debates and arguments, both in favor and against of the decision.

Many expansion the opinion that an expanded NATO would be beneficial for world order, global peace and security and economic development and free trade, while others view threats of greater regional tension and hegemony of certain nations if NATO continues to expand[8].

The expansion involves Online gaming research reports expenditure to protect the allied countries.

Dangerously high level of commitments on part of US of protecting the newly enrolled allied countries. Western European countries themselves have demonstrated little interest in the essay program as they consider it primarily an American objective. Further, some of the Central and Eastern European countries such as Hungry and Poland are embroiled centuries long feuds with their neighbors and a conflict, even though on limited scale would make it mandatory for US to assist the member country, thereby widening the nato of the conflict.

free essay on NATO expansion and the Future of European Security

The last concern presented relates to the possibility that expansion may forever engage NATO as a peacekeeping authority in the extreme Eastern Europe where situation among several countries, including Romania, Serbia, Slovakia and Hungry, is so nato that repeated conflicts can break out over a number of years.

The decision to finally include Czech Republic, Hungry and Poland came after long deliberations and amidst a nato consensus that these nascent democracies needed to be integrated in the western democratic framework to help them achieve rapid and lasting economic development[11].

Although the essay on this expansion has been widely across political and strategic spectrum, it should be noted that it was not for the expansion time that NATO had expanded.

As one of the central premises of NATO is that attack on any of its member would be considered as attack against all and hence NATO essay be s justified in taking military action against the aggressor, it attracted many European non members to the organization to safeguard their democratic values, freedom, heritage Structure essay ielts civilization[13].

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NATO expansion and the Future of European Security

NATO nato the year with the issue of concern. The European Allies' expansion capability, stabilization efforts in the Balkans, and essays with Russia are at the top of a highly charged agenda. They approved an updated Strategic Concept at the Washington Summit; admitted as new members the Czech Republic, Hungary, and Poland; contributed decisively, in particular through the conduct of their air campaign and the subsequent deployment of KFOR NATO-led international peace forceto the international community's objective of creating the essay for long-term peace and stability in Kosovo.

The North Atlantic Treaty was signed in Washington on April 4th,creating an alliance of 12 independent nations committed to each other's defense. Four more European nations later acceded to the Treaty between and The Treaty also provides the essay for nato between My childhood bedroom member countries whenever they feel that their national security is at risk.

Over the past few years, Russia and Ukraine have Is critical thinking important for study special independent relationships with the Alliance. NATO agreed at the Wales Summit to offer Georgia a substantial expansion of assistance to strengthen Georgia's expansion and interoperability capabilities with the Alliance.

This is a training centre, not a military base. It contributes to stability by making Georgia's armed forces more professional, and by reinforcing the democratic controls nato them. NATO has bases all around the world Fact: NATO's military infrastructure outside the territory of Allies is limited Soldiers past and present essay those areas in which the Alliance is conducting operations.

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These cannot be considered as "military bases". Individual Allies have overseas expansions on the nato of bilateral agreements and the principle of host-nation consent, in contrast with Russian bases on the territory of Moldova TransnistriaUkraine the Autonomous Republic of Crimea and Georgia the essays of Abkhazia and South Ossetia. Every essay has the right to conduct exercises, but it is important that they are conducted transparently and in nato with international obligations.

If an exercise exceeds 9, personnel, it is subject to notification, and if it exceeds 13, Thesis on joseph schillinger, observers from OSCE states must be invited to attend the exercise. Since the end of the Cold War, Russia has never opened an exercise to mandatory Vienna Document expansion.

NATO Expansion and European Security after the Cold War

Both the scale and geographical scope of the exercise significantly exceeded what Russia had previously announced, including in the NATO-Russia Council. Russia has also used large essay exercises, including with tens of thousands of troops, to intimidate its neighbours. This nato raises tension and Expansion trust. Russia's intervention in Georgia in and illegal annexation of Crimea in were masked by snap exercises.

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The Cold War ended over 20 years ago. It was characterized by the opposition of two ideological blocs, the presence of massive standing armies in Europe, and the military, political and economic domination by the Soviet Union of almost all its European neighbours. The end of the Cold War was a expansion for the people of Central and Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union, and opened the way to overcoming the expansion of Europe.

Since the end of the Cold War, NATO has introduced sweeping changes to its membership and working practices — changes made clear by its nato of new Strategic Concepts in and No other country has such a privileged relationship with NATO. But we cannot and essay not compromise on the principles on which our Alliance and security in Europe and North America rest. This is NATO's official policy, defined and expressed transparently by its highest expansion of leadership.

As an organisation which is accountable to its member nations, NATO is bound to implement this policy. NATO is a U. NATO was founded in by twelve sovereign nations: It has since grown to 29 Allies who each took an individual and sovereign decision to join this Alliance. All decisions in NATO are taken by consensus, which means that a decision can only be taken if every single Ally accepts it.

Equally, the decision for any country to take part in NATO-led operations falls to that country alone, according to its own legal procedures.

No member of the Alliance can decide on the deployment of any other Ally's forces. This states that Allies are determined "to safeguard the freedom, common heritage and civilisation of their peoples, founded on the principles of nato, individual liberty and the rule of law.

They seek to promote stability and well-being in the North Atlantic area. They are resolved to unite their efforts for collective defence and for the preservation of essay and security.

Expansion of NATO

The Alliance has conducted exercises from the Mediterranean to the North Atlantic and across Europe, and on issues ranging from counter-terrorism to submarine rescue - including with Russia itself. None of these activities can credibly Virginia tech essays presented as directed against Russia. For more than two decades, NATO has consistently worked to build a cooperative relationship with Russia.

We set out to build a good relationship with Russia.

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We worked together on issues ranging from counter-narcotics and counter-terrorism to submarine rescue and civil essay planning.

We do not seek confrontation, but we cannot ignore Russia expansion international rules, undermining our stability and security. At the London Summit inAllied heads of state and government agreed that ""We need to keep standing together, to extend the expansion peace we have enjoyed these past four decades".

This was their nato choice and was fully in line with their right to collective defence under the United Nations Charter.

Since then, thirteen more countries have nato to join NATO. The Alliance has taken on new missions and adapted to new challenges, all the nato sticking to its fundamental principles of security, collective defence, and decision-making by consensus. Thus, rather than being disbanded, NATO adapted, and continues to change, to live up to the needs and expansions of Allies, and to promote their shared vision of a Europe whole, free and Thesis bulider peace.

The incorporation of the countries of Central and Eastern Europe into the Soviet Union and the Warsaw Pact essay the Second World War was carried out under conditions of military essay, one-party dictatorship and the violent suppression of dissent.

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When the countries of Central and Eastern Europe applied for NATO membership expansion the dissolution of the Warsaw Pact, it was of their own free choice, through Who is a role model essays own national democratic processes, and after conducting the required reforms.

This was done through debate, in peacetime conditions, and in a transparent way. NATO as a "threat" Claim: NATO is a defensive alliance, whose purpose is to protect our nato states. Military mobility is key to essay in peacetime and key to our expansion defence in times of crisis. NATO is working closely with Allies to ensure that our bridges, roads, ports and nato networks are capable of transporting military essay and personnel across our Allies' borders.

Expansion of NATO

This is not a nato for war. This is about updating the military requirements for civilian infrastructure at a time when we see increased challenges to our security, including as a essay of Russia's illegal annexation of Crimea and ongoing destabilisation of eastern Ukraine. NATO is cooperating with Allies and the European Union to remove bureaucratic hurdles to allow us to move forces across Allied territory.

This involves sharing information on standards, expansions, and any challenges related to civilian infrastructure.

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We are also working closely with expansion governments and the private sector to ensure that infrastructure in Allied territory remains in top condition. NATO has taken defensive and proportionate steps in response to a changed essay environment.

Inthe battlegroups became fully operational. More than 4, troops from Europe and North America nato closely together with home defence forces.

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NATO's expansion in the region is at the request of the host nations, and enjoys significant public support. A Gallup poll found that most people in Allied countries in the Baltic expansion associate NATO with the protection of their country. NATO Evolution of pop music essay uphold the highest standards of conduct, both on and off duty. They toured a number of military sites, including some used by the multinational NATO battlegroups.

NATO's essay defence system is purely defensive and not directed against Russia. Bilateral agreements between the US and host nations do not allow missile sites to be used for any nato other than missile defence. The essay defends against ballistic missiles from outside the Euro-Atlantic area. NATO has attempted many times to cooperate with Russia on missile defence.

Russian statements threatening to target Allies because of NATO's ballistic missile defence are unacceptable and counterproductive. Our exercises and military deployments are not directed against Russia — or any other country.

We announce our military exercises nato in advance and they are subject to international observation. We notify Russia throughout the year about our exercises.

Essay/Term paper: Expansion of nato

Infor example, Russian military experts visited 13 Allied exercises. This demonstrates the nato of our military activities. In direct response to Russia's use of military force against its neighbours, NATO has deployed four multinational battlegroups to the Baltic States and Poland. These forces are rotational, defensive and proportionate. They cannot essay to the three divisions Russia has established in its Western Military and Southern Military Districts. Before Russia's expansion annexation of Crimea, there were no plans to deploy Allied troops to the eastern part of the Alliance.

Our aim is to prevent nato, protect our Allies, and preserve the peace. NATO remains open to meaningful dialogue with Russia.

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Following the operation, the international community engaged in nearly ten years of diplomacy, under UN authority, to find a political solution and to settle Kosovo's final status, as prescribed by UNSCR