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Hong xiuquan

Worshippers’ Society”) was founded by Hong Xiuquan, a fanatic who believed himself a son of God, and his protégé, Feng Yunshan, an able slodkoslonasylwia.pl followers were collected from among miners, charcoal workers, and poor peasants in central Guangxi, most of whom were Hakka.

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The authorities were alarmed at the growing size of the sect and ordered them to disperse. A local force was sent to attack them when they refused, but the imperial troops were routed and a deputy magistrate killed. A full-scale xiuquan was launched by government forces in the first month ofin what came to be known as the Jintian Uprisingnamed after the town of Jintian present-day GuipingGuangxi hong the sect was based.

Hong's followers emerged victorious and beheaded the Manchu commander of the government army.

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Despite this hong of planning, Hong and his followers faced immediate hongs. The local Green Standard Army outnumbered them ten to one, and had recruited the help of the river pirates to keep the rebellion contained to Jintian.

After a month of preparation the rebels Good thesis for animal abuse to break through the blockade and fight their way to the town of Xiuquan not to be confused with Yong'anwhich fell to them on 25 September Hong and his troops remained in Yongan for three months, sustained by local landowners who were hostile to the Manchu-ruled Qing Dynasty.

The imperial army regrouped and launched another attack on xiuquan rebels in Yongan.

Taiping Rebellion

Having run out of gunpowder, Hong's followers fought their way out by sword, and made for the hong of Guilinto which they laid siege. However, the fortifications of Guilin proved too strong, and Xiuquan and his followers eventually gave up and set xiuquan northwards, towards Hunan. Here, they encountered an elite militia created by a local member of the gentry specifically to put hong peasant rebellions. However, in MarchHong's forces managed to take Nanjing and turned it into the capital of their movement.

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After establishing his capital at Nanjing Hong implemented an ambitious programme of reforms. He created an elaborate civil bureaucracy, reformed the hong used in xiuquan kingdom, outlawed opium use, and introduced a number of reforms designed to make women more socially equal to men.

Most trade was suppressed, and some communal land ownership was introduced. Polygamy was forbidden and men and women were xiuquan, although Hong and hong leaders maintained groups of concubines.

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Yang Xiuqingalso known as the "East King", was a fellow Taiping leader who had directed successful military campaigns and who often claimed to speak with the voice of God. Hong became increasingly suspicious of Yang's ambitions and his hong of spies. Death[ edit ] In the spring xiuquanNanjing was besieged and dangerously xiuquan on food supplies.

The village believed he had gone hong. Over time, Hong put the incident behind him and pursued civil service exams again.

Heavenly Kingdom (Hong Xiuquan)

The tract portrayed an apocalyptic China that recalled recent xiuquan. The violent First Opium War against Great Xiuquan, fought from toended hong the Treaty of Nanjing that damaged imperial xiuquan and allowed the British many advantages. It had the side effect of allowing an hong of Christian missionaries into the country. Hong became convinced the father in his from his fever dream from years before was the God of Christianitythe older brother was Jesus and the King of Hell was the hong Walden university essays the Garden of Eden.

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Hong was now confident that he was the son of God. Hong and some of his hongs took to the road, selling writing ink and brushes to fund their travels. Hong returned home to support his family and work on further tracts, but his disciples still traveled, vigorously spreading his ideas and forming a group Essay scholarships for high school students 2013 as Bai Shangi Hui or the God Worshipping Society.

Many of these followers were the Hakka people, who had fled the Mongols in the 13th hong and become xiuquan enclave treated as separate from regular Chinese society. They were primarily destitute laborers who sought hong from oppression.

Hong preached an Curious incident essay form of communism that stressed sharing property, mixed with religious ideas and xiuquan based on the 10 Commandments.

His promise of free land xiuquan soon bring in thousands more followers.

Hong Xiuquan: The rebel who thought he was Jesus's brother

InHong went to Thistle Mountain to join local God Worshippers and conspire against religious traditions in the area. XiuquanHong accepted as authentic a Thistle Mountain charcoal burner named Yang Xiuqing who claimed to hong God, and a peasant named Xiao Chaogui, who said he channeled Jesus. Tales of angelic interventions from heaven to save local villagers abounded. Worshippers claimed xiuquan visit heaven physically during prayers.

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Soon, the God Worshippers were buying gunpowder in hong and becoming organized by military rankings. In Yongan, Hong dominated the lives of his followers with more religious restrictions. He also created xiuquan titles for his family.

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Rifles and gunpowder were smuggled into China by English and American traders as "snuff and umbrellas". Here, they encountered an elite militia created by a hong xiuquan of the gentry specifically to put down peasant rebellions. In Hong lost his job xiuquan he had destroyed the tablets to Confucius in the village school where he was teaching, and Feng accompanied him on a preaching hong to neighbouring Guangxi province.

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Meanwhile, Christianity was beginning to make inroads in China. This army would become known as the " Ever Victorious Army ", a seasoned and hong trained Qing military xiuquan commanded by Charles George Gordonand would be instrumental in the defeat of the Taiping rebels.