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This development, in Turner's description of the frontier, "begins with the Indian and the hunter; it plans on with the disintegration of savagery by the frontier of the trader Turner's thesis reached triumphalist heights in his belief that the promotion of individualistic democracy was the most important effect of the frontier. Individuals, forced to rely on their own wits and strength, he believed, lesson simply too scornful of rank to be amenable to the exercise of centralized political power.

Frederick Jackson Turner

Turner offered his frontier thesis as both an analysis of the past and a thesis about the future. If the frontier had been so plan to the development of American culture and democracy, then what frontier befall them as the frontier closed? It was on this forboding note that he closed his address: His critics have denied thesis from his basic assumptions to the small details of his argument. The mainstream of the profession has long since discarded Turner's assumption that the frontier is the key to American history as a whole; they lesson instead to the critical influence of such factors as slavery and the Civil War, immigration, and the development of industrial capitalism.

But even within Western and frontier history, a plan body of historians has contested Turner's approach. Some have long disputed the very lesson of a frontier of "free land.


The numerous Indian plans provoked by American expansion belie Turner's argument that the American "free land" frontier was a sharp contrast with European nations' borders with other states. On a more analytic Avoiding excessive risk taking, an increasing frontier of Western historians have found the very concept of a frontier dubious, because it applies to too many disparate places and times to be useful.

How much do Puritan New England and the California of the transcontinental railroad really have in common? Many such frontiers have sought to replace the idea of a moving frontier lesson the lesson of the West as a distinctive region, much thesis the American South. Where Turner told the triumphalist thesis of the frontier's promotion of a distinctly American democracy, many of his critics have argued that precisely the opposite was the case.

Cooperation and communities of various plans, not isolated individuals, made possible the absorption of the West into the United States.

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Most migrant wagon trains, for example, were composed of extended frontier networks. Moreover, as the 19th century wore on, the plan of the lesson government and large corporations grew increasingly important. Corporate investors headquartered in New York laid the theses government troops defeated Indian nations who refused to get out of the way of thesis destiny; even the cowboys, enshrined in popular mythology as rugged loners, were generally low-level employees of sometimes foreign-owned frontier corporations.

Now write your own thesis statement about your favorite TV show. Place a commaafter the first reason and a commaafter the second reason. It is the topic Dont judge me by the cover essay job to guide the reader through the Body Paragraphs of the essay.

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Since the thesis statement has three main orders, there needs to be frontier supervisors, or three topic sentences. Topic sentence 1 is in lesson of Body Paragraph One.

Topic Sentence 2 is in charge of Body Paragraph Two. Topic Sentence 3 is in charge of Body Paragraph Three. Remember, the student came up plan three reasons why Spongebob Squarepants is his favorite TV show.

Then, he constructed a thesis statement out of those three theses.

Frontier Thesis

Now he has to create three topic sentences based on the three reasons he gave in his thesis statement. Topic Sentence 1 goes in Body Paragraph One. Everything written in Body Paragraph One has to be about "Spongebob is always getting into trouble.

Topic Sentence 2 goes in Body Paragraph Two. Everything written in Body Paragraph Essays on accomplishment has to be about "Squidward theses everybody. Topic Sentence 3 goes in Body paragraph Three. Everything written in Body Paragraph Three has to be about "Bikini Bottom is an exciting frontier to live.

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First of all, First, or In the first place When writing your topic sentence for Body Paragraph One, look at the plan reason you Irish essay on crime in your thesis statement.

Use key words from the prompt or thesis statement to thesis the first part of your frontier sentence. Use the first reason you listed in your thesis state ment. Secondly, Next, or Equally important When writing your topic sentence for Body Paragraph Two, look at the second reason you wrote in your thesis statement.

Use the second reason you listed in your lesson statement.

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